Want to Meet, Greet and Shoot with Adelaide Photographers? You can!

Alight @ Night

Over the last few years I have attended many interesting photography MeetUps.

As I have always enjoyed meeting and talking with new people, I continued organising MeetUps enabling Adelaide Photographers to meet, greet and shoot at various locations.

I organised the City-Walk MeetUp in May 2009 where 30 people from Flickr, Redbubble and PhotoWhosalers met in the Adelaide City for a LONG walk around the north-side. At one point our collective stretched all the way from the SkateBoard Ramps up to UniSA!

I also co-organised a 2nd MeetUp at the Adelaide Zoo where, again, people from Flickr, Redbubble and PW’s met, talked, and had fun together.

During the City-Walk I discovered that when an event is organised till the last i-is-dotted, people are more inclined to attend. I remember a few comments made included ‘It was great to not have to worry about anything!’ This one comment has inspired me to get this organised and under control.

My dream is to host and organise regular MeetUps for photographers interested in the Adelaide City and the nearby suburbs.

This will enable more people to see and photograph:

  • the modern and historic architecture,
  • the myriad of modern artwork (ie: Wall Art),
  • the surreal sculptures scattered around the CBD,
  • attending events held around the City (ie: Zombie Walk, Food Festival, etc),
  • organising for group-tours of important buildings (ie: Freemasons) and
  • going onto roof-tops where permissible or pre-organised.

Glass Protection

Now that MeetUp charge a fee for creating groups, a $2 fee per-month would be necessary. I prefer to use their service because it sets the details in stone!
I am happy and willing organise the events, locations and provide a map each month of our city-walk. I have part of this project already written out and ready to setup on MeetUp.

We can meet at various times of the day – ranging from before sunrise to early evening – therefore we can have breakfast at places like The Pancake Kitchen in Gilbert Street , lunch at the Hogs Breath Cafe in Gouger Street or dinner at Casablabla in Leigh Street . This helps keep our costs down to whatever YOU want to spend.

Before I go any further with this, I need to know who would be interested. Please raise your binary hand if you are able to attend each month.

If you see this article on my Facebook or Twitter, please respond on this article so I can collate the results easily. A simple ‘YES PLEASE!’ works for me.

Corporate Casino

Chimney (B&W)

All of these events are lots of fun for social-networking, plus because we get to see the camera’s and lens’s of our peers. Additionally, it is amazing to see how other photographers approach an opportunity to photograph a new location.

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  1. Danni, I will be sure to tell you how this idea is progressing. At this stage, you are the only person to show an interest. So I will change a few components – namely, rather than using MeetUp, I will use Facebook!


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