10 Winners in the Adelaide/SA ‘Beach by Night’ Photo Challenge

For those who submitted and for those who have been wondering: The winner is Tarsia with this beautiful photograph of ‘Sunset at Semaphore’, voted the the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

Sunset at Semaphore by tarsia

The following nine photographs, in order of highest votes acquired, are:

'At the end of the day' by Ian Berry ~ “At The End of the Day” by Ian Smith.

Glenelg Sunset by Richard Owen ~ “Glenelg Sunset” by Richard Owen.

Sunset beach by Liam Moore ~ “Sunset Beach” by Liam Moore.

Silver - Gold: Water - Sky by bowenbw ~ “Silver – Gold: Water – Sky” by bowenbw.

Remains Of The Day by Globalphotos ~ “Remains Of The Day” by Globalphotos.

The Only Way To Ever Leave by Brett  Stevenson ~ “The Only Way To Ever Leave” by Brett Stevenson.

Sunset fishers, Hallett Cove by Kablwerk ~ “Sunset fishers, Hallett Cove” by Kablwerk.

Southern Ocean Beach in Moonlight by pablosvista2 ~ “Southern Ocean Beach in Moonlight” by PabloVista2.

Dawn at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island by abbycat ~ “Dawn at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island” by AbbyCat.

A big thanks to all that participated! Sorry, the only prizes for these competitions are the accolades from your peers.

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