Finally, Another Price Increase for Cigarettes!

I have no sympathy for those forced to pay more for cigarettes!

I’m not sorry when I say: About time! Those that continue smoking, willingly, will be helping hospitals to care for those suffering emphysema, lung cancer and the many other problems caused by smoking.

Your bad habits, particularly dropping the ‘butts in the street, cause ill health to everyone. When the butts flow down the drain, it ends up in our waterways. Do you really want your children drinking water that is tainted with Nicotine?

Nicotine is STILL the most addictive drug on the planet, yet it is available at nearly every convenience store. This price hike will hopefully lessen our younger generation from taking up this abhorrent habit, plus help decrease the addicts from burning all their hard-earned money. Seriously, there are far better things you could do with your money – particularly save it, or use it to pay off long-term loans!

Smoking is Addictive

My comment for those companies that now want compensation for their lost revenue:
Bollocks. Get over it! Your astronomical annual revenue from providing drugs to the masses needs to redistributed back into the local community. Our government has found a way to ensure that happens.

Cigarette companies earn way too much at the expense of people’s health. They’ve taken money from the general public using bullshit advertising that suggests that cigarettes are ‘hip, cool, smooth, suave’, when realistically cigarettes provide nothing good for the human body, mind, nor our environment.

One can only hope that those that willingly continue to ‘passive smoke‘ will be inspired to remind their smoking-friends that their weekly costs could be better spent on many things that could be better for their health, budget and family.

It’s a good start.


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