Emails for Job Applications

This article was born after listening to an interesting phone call earlier today. I don’t envy anyone whose name is the contact-point for job-applicants who then ring in to get more information.

When applying for jobs, have a simple email address. Corporations dislike dealing with obscure email addresses.

1. Be aware that UPPER-case is irrelevant. Some say it matters, but it does not.

2. Avoid including an underscore ( _ ) nor a tilde ( ~ ).

3. If you have no other option, use a recognised internet email system (ie Gmail). I don’t recommend Hotmail, as it conjures memories of spam and harvesting.

A far better option is an email that directs back to a website you control (ie., or where your site is hosted (ie:

4. Avoid emails that say too much about your hobbies. pole_dancer@… or sexyhotbody@… are not an image you want to give your next employer.

5. Ensure your email is spelled correctly when you type/write it on ANY paperwork/PDF/document/signature.

Fixed. Right? I hope so.

Next time you ring in to give your email address so the J&PS can be emailed to you, they won’t hang up to laugh when you call the underscore ‘that other line key’.

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  1. some great tips, sometimes a username sounds great on the screen but when you actually have to say it out loud it can be a bit embarrassing :( locspoc


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