This is NOT Real HDR!

Whilst learning (read: playing with) the various interesting features of Photoshop, I discovered ‘Shadow/Highlight‘ (under Image\Adjustments), but not before I discovered ‘Curves‘ (CTRL + M) and ‘Levels‘ (CTRL +L).

Using a combination of all three, with a little bit of ‘Photo Filter‘ and ‘Exposure‘ (both also under Image\Adjustments) to attempt to retain the original colouring, it isn’t difficult to create what I call ‘Fake HDR‘.

It’s now that I wonder how many other photographers are faking their HDR’s with this method. It all looks so familiar, that I firmly believe I am not the first person to discover this technique.

The building on the left is my original photograph of a building in Rundle Mall, Adelaide South Australia. The building on the right is 30minutes work utilising the Photoshop settings I have explained above.

This is NOT HDR!

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