Pelicans on Kangaroo Island

Every time I go over to Kangaroo Island , the number one thing I love to photograph is the Pelicans at Kingscote. Here are the latest photographs from early this year. (January 2010)

These first two shots display the man, John Ayliffe, who willingly spends his evening feeding the pelicans whilst teaching the tourists about the eating, mating, flying and amusing habits. I’ve heard it so many times, yet I laugh every time!

John Ayliffe John Ayliffe in Water Pelican Feeding

Enjoy these amazing photographs of Australian pelicans eating, flying and living happily on Kangaroo Island.


Pelican Pelican Tongue

Day 4: Pelicans at Fishermans Jetty, Kingscote Pelican Dance

Feathered Kingscote Pelicans

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