9 Helpful Tips to Survive & Succeed a Job Interview

For some reason I felt compelled to compile a list of important tips to surviving a job interview. No, not the job, just the interview. Step #1 is succeeding getting your application read, Step #3 is getting the job – But Step #2 is surviving and succeeding at the job interview!

So I have searched through a myriad of Australian job search web sites to find those important components that we all need to remember when attending a job interview.

For anyone attempting to do a Windsor-knot tonight, or still choosing the right shoes to wear, consider these tips when you get to your new job interview:

Six Computer Screwdrivers

DO: Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and good eye contact.
Don’t give one word answers like simple Yes or No. Explain yourself in some details and give evidence to support your responses.
From Hamilton James & Bruce.

Avoid over-answering questions, the biggest interview blunder. Garrulousness leaves the interviewer stranded, waiting impatiently for the gabble to finish.
From MyCareer.com.au.

DO: Ensure that your expression, diction and grammar are good. Interviewers often take this into account, as well as your concept/thought formation.
Don’t make derogatory remarks about your present or former employers.
From Bradman Recruitment.

Macro Perspective

Be prepared to talk about problem solving, which tasks you performed well, specific strengths and skills and why you enjoyed various aspects of your previous positions.
From RetailWorld Resourcing.

Reduce unnecessary words, and over-worn words and phrases.
From PositivePath.net.

Clothes that fit your size, style and personality well will project the right message; that you are comfortable with yourself and care about your appearance.
From PartTimeOnline.com.au.

Check to find out the maximum length for each response – never more than an A4 page per criterion and usually half a page is plenty.
Specifically for people applying for State Government employment. From CareerFAQs.com.au.

On the day of the interview, observe interview etiquette: Arrive 10-15 minutes early, be polite, friendly to other candidates, be genuine. Be your best self, but be yourself.
From CareerOne.

As it should be, the most important tip is for AFTER the interview:

Don’t confuse disappointment, which is understandable, with shame. Remember that every minute you spend in anger, resentment, denial or de-motivation is a minute lost to improving your chances of getting the next role.
From MyCareer.com.au.

That should do it. Feeling positive, pumped and ready? Good. So am I. ;)

2 thoughts on “9 Helpful Tips to Survive & Succeed a Job Interview

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  1. it’s also good to do your research, especially if the company has a website, i heard one guy once walked into an interview with ibm and when they asked him what ibm stood for, he said that he didn’t know, obviously, he didn’t get the job!


  2. Haha, funny story Loc! If he had said that the letters I, B, and M are alphabetically adjacent to the letters H, A, and L, and that HAL is the computer in ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’, they might have given him points for useless yet interesting information.


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