How I Market and Socialise with FaceBook

This original post said…

Way back in January 2010 I said upon Twitter that I was going to delete my Facebook account. I even removed all mention on my website!

Here is what I said on Twitter:

~ @luxuryluke @zeldman, You’ve hit the nail on the head. Deleting FB acc. Family&friends know where to find me. Games and averts are over… – #
~ Turns out I cannot delete Facebook account, I can only deactivate it. Goddamn. – #
~ Awwwright. I’ve removed all links to my deactivated FB account. I think. Wait, I see another one… – #
~ Actually glad they only ‘dis-activate’ Facebook accounts. Unless they abide by my rant to the FB techs, I’ll just use FB for advertising. – #

When I woke up later in the morning I realised that, whilst I don’t like all the additional facets of Facebook, I do like being able to communicate with family, with Adelaide people whom I have met and enjoy meeting, plus to be told upcoming events in my area.

Consequently, here is my follow-up Twitter:

~ Sigh. And last night I said was going to delete my Facebook. Even went as far as removing all mention on my website. Merely limiting usage.#

After having removed all mention on my website, I’ve then decided to use it more for marketing my artwork and socialising ONLY with people whom I have met, am related to, or where we can utilise each others services.

It is now October 2011. I still don’t do games ie Farmville, I avoid advertising apps that want personal details, nor do I want any additional addon’s.

And I still use Facebook:
I have discovered that having both (what I call) a personal and a professional Facebook account is actually advantageous. Facebook can be a great way to give your product/service further publicity. You just need to be persistent and to be prepared to put in the time and effort to ensure your followers are getting value for the time they have invested.

BTW, in the original version of this post I included what the DEACTIVATE page looks like on Facebook. It is still here…

Do Not Think of Leaving Facebook!

3 thoughts on “How I Market and Socialise with FaceBook

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  1. yeah, my approach to facebook is quite similar, i don’t use it for playing games and am very selective about who i add as a friend because with facebook i’m looking to deepen my relationship with people, i wouldn’t deactivate my account because facebook is where most people are at and social media is about going to the people and not forcing them to come to you


  2. Good morning Loc!

    Your statements here are why I stay on Facebook: ‘very selective about who i … friend‘ and ‘looking to deepen my relationship with people
    Precisely! Social networking is now about actually meeting people, good people who can expand our network, mind, knowledge and work experience.

    I like what you say here: ‘Social media is about going to the people and not forcing them to come to you
    Very well said! Certainly adds another perspective to the situation.

    Loc, Thanks for your comment, you’ve opened my mind a little more!


  3. Yep, meaningless. Which is why I rarely join fan-groups that only want to reach a milestone and not to each other. Nobody is actually talking to each other, they just think they are part of a big group of friends. But they are not, they’re still alone and reaching out from the middle of the crowd.


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