The Perfect Man-Bag for Photographers

Yesterday I finally got my $6M Crumpler Shoulder Bag . I’ve been wanting this for months. It’s perfect for holding a flash-gun, medium-sized lens, and any camera around the size of a Canon 50D or Canon EOS400D with battery grip.

Being me, I took a few photographs of it as I slowly removed it’s wrapping. Here are the results…

$6M Crumpler Bag - Exterior

The photo below, to the right, includes my hand (+ wedding ring), and this great t-shirt I purchased on Redbubble a few months ago. I get my fair share of interesting remarks, from both smokers and non-smokers. #2

$6M Crumpler Bag + FUIC and Coopers $6M Crumpler Bag - with Redbubble Tshirt

FYI & Tip:

I have photographed these with a Canon 580exII and hand-held diffuser. Thus the light is spread evenly over the subject – rather than directed straight at the subject.

$6M Crumpler Bag - Interior

In tomorrow’s article I will outline the different combination of bottles ( including #FUIC milk and Coopers beer ! ), lens, camera’s and other male-paraphernalia. Yes, that’s right – This is the perfect bag for the man out-and-about the town!

BTW. I was asked last night, and I accepted: I am now an administrator on the Flickr-FUIC photography group. This group displays funny, interesting, wacky, weird, and abstract photographs that include the FUIC branding in any format – from the new plastic containers through to aged-posters on the side of dilapidated buildings. Yes, I am a big fan of #FUIC!

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