My Home-Made Camera Shoulder Strap

Like it? This is my newest design for a simple shoulder holster! This simple rig will allow your camera to swing at your waist, and then swing up to your face. It is a simple home-made DIY camera strap from inexpensive parts.

Camera Strap Idea - S4

I got this idea whilst watching the BlackRapid setup video earlier today. It got me thinking about how simple it would be to make my own. Collecting all the bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years, I realised that maybe I could build a temporary rig until I buy something better.

Camera Strap Idea - S1 Camera Strap Idea - S3 Camera Strap Idea - S2

What I’d really like is the blackrapid double strap, and my aim is to get one soon. But sometimes we settle for what we can find or make.

Whilst this doesn’t even get close to the amazing design in the blackrapid product range, it does incorporate the simplicity of their design. All I have used is…

  1. A spare bag strap, with clips. The DELL computer bag has a decent strap, that’s what I have used here!
  2. A rock-climbers screw-lock. The one I have used is an ‘elcheapo’, purchased in a packet of 3 for $5 from a bargain-store.
  3. A tripod plate. This is not an ideal use of the winding-clip, but the MANFROTTO range are sturdy and strong, so I believe this one will do the job for a while.

I have tested the strength of this camera strap rig, but I don’t want to push it too far. If anybody else has attempted this idea, I’d like to see their results.


Here are few extra photographs showing the camera hanging behind me, then up to my face.

Camera Strap Idea - S6 Camera Strap Idea - S5


This is not the greatest idea for those who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their camera. Heck, even if you only spent $1,000 on your camera, I didn’t envisage that anybody else would attempt to try this.
Any part of this simple concept can fail at any time. It was merely an attempt to see what was possible with existing parts. But if you do make your own, I didn’t tell you to, you made your own decision. Good luck to those that try this at home.

FYI: I am not (yet) affiliated with RapidFire. So if they were to send me a BlackRapid double strap, I certainly wouldn’t send it back!

4 thoughts on “My Home-Made Camera Shoulder Strap

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  1. Hey Stephen, looks like a good solution for land based use. I’d be a little concerned how well the camera and battery pack are connected as this seems to be a weak point to me but if there is a commercial precedent then go for it!

    I’m glad that I am not alone in my detest of the standard out of the box neckstrap! I use a simple right hand lanyard for security but still need a good solution for when the camera is no in my hand.

    … Robert


  2. Hello Robert,

    You might be right: There might some long-term effects on battery-grip strength. Commercial precedent? Nah, I’ll just settle for this DIY version until I buy the better rig!

    I agree, neck-straps are more problematic than helpful. You’ll noticed mine is attached solely on the right side of the rig, between the battery-grip and top of camera. This at least gives me improved arm-movement, but is by no means the best answer to this problem. I also had the standard hand-grip, but it gets painful after prolonged use.

    I’m planning to buy the double-strap rig as linked!


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