Blogging for Graceland

Paul Simon could see into the future. Here is the proof:

“Why am I soft in the middle now? : Overweight, under exercised, incorrect calorie intake – too many late night microwave meals, and too much time in front of the computer. What more can I say, other than to put my hand up, and say “You found me.”
“My life is so hard.” : All internet-based companies, bloggers, coders and SocNetworkers say this. That is because one person usually represents all of those options.
“I need a photo-opportunity.” : Fifteen seconds of fame, whether it be that your blog getting reviewed by the Seattle Times, or someone deep links to a particular item.
“Don’t want to end up a cartoon.” : Read the review-section of any newspaper to understand this.
“Get these mutts away from me.” : This would now refer to the cyber-trolls, spam-mail and late-night call-centres from OS.
“I don’t find this stuff amusing any more.” : Nothing new here.
“Why am I short of attention, Got a short little span of attention.” : As a result of net/web-surfing for newer, better, and more links to blog about.


“And why are my nights are so long? : Am I the only one who notices that the day-job seems to fly by, yet the evenings online seem to take forever. I guess sitting down doing nothing more than moving the mouse occasionally, cutting and pasting snippets of text, writing blog entries, plus coding HTML feels like a millennia. After traversing the internet for an hour, I often feel like I have been around the world a few times.
“Where’s my wife and family? : Yeah. Well. I must get out of the office more often.
“What if I die here? : I often think this. No, I am not manic-depressive. I just wonder how many blogs out there were started by people who didn’t manage to escape from either of the World Trade Centres.
“Who’ll be my role-model … He ducked back down the alley with some roly-poly little bat-faced girl.” : Online cyber. Another one to ponder over.
“All along along, There were incidents and accidents, There were hints and allegations.” : Kerry, Bush, Clinton, Howard, Stern, Letterman, Gaddaffi, Bin Laden.
“Maybe it’s the Third World , … his first time around … doesn’t speak the language … holds no currency.” : That’s how a net-newbie looks and feels. I remember this. I was one once upon a time. Hard to believe now.
“Cattle in the marketplace, Scatterlings and orphanages.” : Aren’t we all.
“He sees angels in the architecture, spinning in infinity.” : HTML and CSS coders know what this means.
“I can call you Betty, … You can call me Al.” : Everyone needs a pseudonym, especially those of us who don’t want to be recognised by our work-associates.

Snippets of lyrics from “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon, from
This article originally posted August 18, 2004, 8:16 PM upon one of my previous blogs.

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