Discovering More of One’s Self

Day 4: In Flight

I have a new word in my diet: Parsimony. It is essentially the implementation of Occam’s razor .

Thanks to Shelley’s response upon a Plurk conversation , I’ve discovered something important about my personality that defines the way I respond, react, appear and often act.

Despite the fact that my wife and I hoard so much superficiality, I much prefer an understated environment, clean lines and single coloured furnishings (rugs, lounges, stand-alone furniture and appliances). Whilst some might consider a wood-grain finish to hardly be quiet and under-toned, it is the consistency of the style that I like. Our new kitchen is now filled with clean lines rather than multiple wood-grain in every direction, every panel has been made so the grain is vertical. (Well, almost. Now that I write this I have seen that some are not.)

Another good example of my parsimonious ways is in the display of my website . Despite ten years of having a busy appearance and design, I have always liked the idea of a quiet, subdued and simple appearance to my website. One where the content is not a duplication of what is already on the internet, where white, grey & black are the prime colours, where colour is a highlight not a requirement and where I display my activity, but not the activity itself. Why bring the internet to your website when it already has its place?

Thanks to Shelley teaching me a new word, but particularly for helping me understand a little more about myself.

It also explains the way I shoot much of my better photography , but I won’t dwell on that in this article.


Found at Wikipedia Occam’s razor : Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem : “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” Couldn’t possibly say it better!

The following photographs of horizons around South Australia are from my Flickr Gallery.

Vanishing Point

Kingscote Panorama

Kingscote Afternoon

Dieing Moments

Kingscote Panorama

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