How to Invite Lurkers to Comment

My blog statistics may slowly increase month to month, but it’s more interesting to read and respond to your  comments. Yet these happen less often than expected.

So I offer those people who lurk upon my site a great opportunity: Leave a comment today!

Tell everyone about yourself. You’ve surely read about me by now, so now it is your turn! Take a chance, show up your self and skills. Say “Hello!“, please!

Tell us about yourself – Who you are, Where you are from, What you do, Why you like the internet, and What else you like about my site! I am all ears. This will encourage me to post much more frequently!!

Most importantly, it will allow all the lurkers upon my site to know each other better, and then invite them back to your blog/site — thus increasing the traffic for all our web sites!

Great idea, eh what? I think so! Come on, leave a comment about yourself, right now!

Wait, there was an interesting word in that last sentence: LURKER. No, not plurker, though I bet a few of you come from! They are an interesting phenomenon upon the world-wide-web that needs careful explanation. Let me explain it my way:

Old Leather Head, by Stephen Mitchell, on Redbubble

Many blogs get many visitors on their traffic-meter, but very few comments by comparison. This is generally because of lurkers.
A lurker is a human (usually, though not always) who likes to read more than he writes. They read discussions on the internet, but rarely participate in discussions. They rarely leave comments, so it’s unknown how much additional traffic comes from one lurker.
But the good news is that, generally, they are normal people like you and I, but a little shy. Sometimes they have trouble communicating their thoughts, yet they are very smart in their field. They are probably building up to a big idea, but don’t know where to start.

So you can see that lurkers are not people doing any harm at all, they merely are the reason why some blogs have massive traffic!

To those who enjoy lurking around my blog and site, I freely encourage you to leave a comment on this article! I welcome you to tell us more about yourself. Plus – Feel free to advertise your blog. (These may be edited.)

6 thoughts on “How to Invite Lurkers to Comment

Add yours

  1. Here is my comment!
    It is true, many people do read a blog post and then never comment or provide feedback. As the author, you are never sure who has seen it. Often I will receive emails of praise and with additional information regarding a specific post. It seems that writing a response on a blog is often like speaking out loud in a class or a meeting; some folks would rather not call attention to themselves.


  2. I think I fall under the lurking category quite often when it comes to blogs. It’s not a fear of speaking up or drawing attention to myself, just an assessment of the usefulness my comment would provide.
    I guess it’s easier to see that any comments are welcomed if you blog yourself, so I’ve never seen any problem with the lurking. I only read a few blogs that interest me and they are usually about photography. I should probably comment more on them to show that I want the people who write them to continue brightening my days.
    Thanks for a good post!


  3. Hello @Griff! Great comment, it’s true, not everyone is flamboyant or likes to draw attention to themselves. I consider that a little strange considering this medium is called the ‘world-wide-web’, but yet I understand that a lot of people are only online to get information.


  4. Hello Amle! Bloggers that give photography information are also whom I follow. The internet is great for learning new ways to manipulate our photographs and shoot in different styles. Glad you liked my post. I hope you continue to read my articles, I look forward to further comments!


  5. Amle sure had a point in that it’s often, at least I, lurk without comments on blogs. I simply feel that i have nothing to say or is to shy. Well, unless i know it’s someone liking/accepting simple feedback like “Love it” Shouldn’t be since i know I myself love comments on my blog..


  6. @LindaN , You’ve hit-the-nail-on-the-head! Asking people, particularly lurkers, to respond and comment is really about reminding people that comments are often reciprocal. When we leave a comment anywhere on the internet where we can also leave a link to our webpage, we invite reciprocal comments. Everyone loves people to visit their blog/site, and comment is the best way.
    Thanks for your comment @Lindan, you’ve helped me to put the point and profit of commenting on all sites we visit!


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