Nine Steps to Healthy Photography

This works predominately for any one of the many artists on, yet it could work anyone who sells their artwork either via retail or through their own website.

1. Upload work.
View and review each piece as a Card, Canvas and Poster, and Framed, Mounted and Laminated. … This helps you to see how your buyers will see the end product. A great way to determine if you want to keep or delete.

2. Do whatever your partner says needs doing … before midnight!

3. Breathe in and out.

4. Go to work regularly. This will help pay for internet-connection.

5. Eat at least once a day.
Despite contrary belief that you can survive on the internet for months at a time, the human body needs regular nourishment. This leads to step 6…

6. Exercise routinely.
Being a photographer, I regularly walk around Adelaide City, through parks, parklands, gardens and public places. It helps move muscles, but …
Typing does not move enough muscles.
Walking to the post-box to collect your purchased cards is not enough.

7. Rejoice when work sells, either online or offline.

8. Repeat as necessary.

9. Leave comments on people’s art-work when you have time in your busy schedule.
Not mandatory, but is certainly a great way to meet and greet people from all around the world.

Steps 3 & 5 may help beat the addiction.
Steps 2 & 4 should remind you there is more to life than Redbubble. OMG, I said that!
Steps 6 & 7 may happen less often than you expect.

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