I have spent much of today cleaning out my office, making the various-sized desks fit better. This has meant moving a lot of stuff that I often wonder why I hoarded, kept or ever purchased. Much electronic gadgetry has arisen to the surface, including an old DELL keyboard. I estimate it has been in my possession since the early 1990’s.

Out of curiosity, and because of a plurk request by Benaud, I removed the keys from the keyboard to see if they were magnetic. They were not. Yet they removed so easily that I decided to remove them. They’ve now been catalogued and bagged up for future photo ideas.

[UPDATE: He was not suggesting they were magnetic, rather that they could have magnets put into them to stick to a fridge or other metallic surface. Since I have saved the keys for future photo opportunities, I may look into this option.]

But the disgusting crap underneath the keyboard is so repulsive that definitely I had to photograph the results, just for prosperity! Enjoy these six photographs where I have re-aligned some specific keys upon them into varying situations.

DEL + 2 + 3 + Enter Spare Keys

Remains of the Working Day ALT+CTRL+DELETE


Now you’ll be wondering what is under your keyboard. I look forward to seeing what others find and photograph!

2 thoughts on “Keyboard

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  1. I love the character of these keys (pun not originally intended but it’s a good one lol) I was thinking you could even spell out words etc. (how many words have no letter repetition?)

    Great work, Stephen. :-)


  2. Thank you Rebecca. Yes, The keys have plenty of character, but the ‘board was ugly!
    Writing out words sounds like a great idea, I must try that!


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