Indian Restaurant Review

We dined as a family this evening at this restaurant in the Adelaide hills: The Siemers Indian Restaurant (& Take Away).

Why was I dining at this restaurant that I had never visited before? It was for a belated Father’s-Day gift, rewarding our father with a family-dinner where his three sons and their partners broke Naan-bread and dined on goat-meat whilst chatting about lives and household updates. We also enjoyed the company of family visiting from Queensland – as they enjoyed their late-life-crisis caravan trip around Australia.
Fresh Vegetables
I’d been informed that the only thing Indian about Siemers is the main menu, which turned out to be quite true:

  • The building might be on the South Australian heritage list, and the bathrooms backed onto the kitchens at the rear of the building.
  • The curved wooden seats held a regal tartan pattern, which is possibly only Indian by British influence.
  • Cicada-sounding African-American rap music was regarded as their ambient music, which was quite a shame … my father jokingly said it sounded like a damaged pacemaker, whereas his sister couldn’t understand why anyone would regard it as music. Whilst some might think it’s a generational-thing, I agreed with them. This sound made talking difficult, and subsequently loud and annoying.
  • And the desserts ranged from Australian fruit-bowls through to American ice-cream Sundays!

The various Indian meals upon the menu are fantastic, glorious, and cooked to perfection. The open-fire in the backroom kept us cosy and warm, plus the few red-wines upon the drinks menu enticed us to indulge in dessert.

The customer service from our beautiful female hosts was superb. I highly recommend you visit for your next dinner.

Unfortunately I got no photographs of the food nor restaurant on this occasion. Well, none that I can show here.

If it interests you to see, eat and photograph this amazing restaurant, here’s where you will find it:

Siemers Indian Restaurant And Take Away
143 Mount Barker Road, Stirling South Australia.
On Google Earth

Postscript: Only two sons and the other’s partner put in an appearance. Next year all six of us will hopefully arrive together for Father’s day. I hope.

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