Tips to Better Photographs

I enjoy photography, so I enjoy finding new ways to apply old tricks to make a shot look great. Here are a few of them for your reading pleasure. I hope you find a way to apply, use, and improve upon them.

Tip #1 : Space, Space, Space

I try to make my subject take up the entire frame, or as close to the edges as possible. Decreasing the background means that the subject gets more visual-focus.

Tip #2 : Clarity, Contrasts, Crazy Colours

Blending colours within one subject is what makes a great photograph. Sharp colours work well with architecture, but with organic art the trick is to blend the edges into each other.

Tip #3 : Distance, Detail, Digital

Thanks to the digital age, we can shoot small things to make them bigger and bigger, showing all their detail. I highly recommend getting a macro lens for your camera. Because there is art in everything around you. Get closer to your subject to discover a new universe of detail.

Tip #4 : Aperture, Time or Combination

Have you found the AV, TV, or M modes on that dial at the top of your camera? Not yet? Today is the day. Shooting from the hip with P or any of the dummy-modes is child’s play. Take a chance, have a go, see what interesting images you can get.

The greatest singular event in photography is the digital age. Now we can delete those shots that over-exposed or out-of-focus, over-lit or in-shadow, not enough detail or lost in the background.

Tip #5 : If ALL Else Fails, Read the Manual!

Whilst learning how to use your digital camera is a simple as reviewing the image and twiddling dials, it helps to read the manual. You’ll be surprised: Unlike computer manuals, they are generally easy-to-understand. More often they also have extra instructions on night, action, and indoors photography.

In closing: A good photographer uses all the tools available, not some of them.

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