Ramblings #1

Herein lies a list of ramblings that started last Monday. Don’t begin to think there is a story here. It’s just a whole lot of statements that I considered putting on either my Twitter or Plurk account … and a few did, so will be linked accordingly! Watch out for the personal-quotes, created from incidents that don’t bear repeating, but are worth learning from. These quotes are my final statement on the issue.

Dreaming of Coffee

Calenders are all the rage. It’s time to market them. It’ll be Xmas soon! So you’ll find a wide array of calendars on my Redbubble account that will suit every house, office, toilet-door or shed. Check ’em out!

#1 My QOTD: “A man may have goals and aspiration, but he should take time to dream and play.

Richard Pascoe is at it again. Which reminds me: I paid Richard a MASSIVE compliment: He visited my work and the receptionist said “One of your friends is here”. Which one? After quick chat at front counter, I went back to reception and said… “Thanks for calling him my friend. But it’s the other way round: I am his friend.”

Gotta love ’em. Best customer service, value for money and camera-educated staff in Adelaide. How much would you expect to pay for 40 frames @ 55cm x 45cm? I got me a grand price. You have to go check out how PW’s can help you get a good price on your photography gear! No, I do not any special kickback for giving them free publicity. At least not immediately.

#2 My QOTD: “A smart man has a plan. A smarter man has many plans and sees experience where others see failure.

Now I have heard everything: “I don’t like being held back by old archaic rules.” Can’t recall where I heard this statement, but I am fairly sure it was at work. Which is shocking in itself, but probably a good thing I don’t dwell on that issue.

#3 My QOTD: “You don’t have to laugh at the boss’s jokes. Particularly if they are not funny.

Cross Over

One of the many life-coaches at last nights StartUpClub meeting said “You cannot afford me“. Not exactly a statement you want to hear, but worth considering. Why would someone price a product so high that only an elite few can afford it … particular when it is a life-consultant or motivational-help service? Beats me.

#4 My QOTD: (is a mash of others). “Success is 10% perspiration, 60% marketing and 30% is just turning up.

It’s bemusing when people say “I wish it was Friday already!” Don’t wish your life away. It’s too short already. Instead of living from week-to-week, try living day-to-day. You’ll suddenly find life changes completely.

#5 My QOTD: “Smart men have selective hearing. Smarter men have selective vision.” example: “There was food in the fridge? Never Saw it. Had to order a pizza.

How much do you donate to charity each year? Australian Tax laws say we can say we donate $300 per-annum, without providing a receipt. This is quite handy as my workplace has casual-day every Friday in return for donating a gold-coin to the charity of choice on the day. So I drop between $2 and $10 each Friday. Certainly worth it. And a sure way to ensure the economy is circular.

empty fridge

It’s a sad day when words need to be explained to the current generation: Consensus. Cacophony. Crescendo. Maybe they don’t teach the C-section of the dictionary any more?

I’ll do an article somewhat similar once a week.


Where is the ‘infinity‘ button? I ask that tongue-in-cheek inasmuch as I am aware there is no ‘infinity-button. Yet this issue appears around me all the time. Whilst I could google the issue, I welcome your response.

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