Getting Discounts on Your Photo Equipment

As a consequence of the great customer service I received today, I now only shop at ONE retail-outlet for ALL my photographic equipment!

Hiding behind Canon v.2

Adelaide photographers are the most unlucky when it comes to photographic-retail outlets. Our options are limited. There are very few retail outlets within the Adelaide CBD, nor in the suburbs! And then I often find they are too busy to give extra support and advice to their customers. More often they have exorbitant prices with little discount offered. So it’s great to find a shop that covers all the products, tutorials, training and free-advice that a photographer wants and needs!

As many would know, the Adelaide CBD is a square mile. Therefore it doesn’t take that long to walk anywhere. Particularly to Hutt Street. Sitting nearby to one corner of the CLIPSAL500 track is the Photographic Wholesalers‘s retail-front. Recently they completely refurbished the interior. Subsequently, it presents their image better and is far more inviting to all level of photographers.

So I took a walk at midday to happily stand waiting to be served. You might think this is weird, but I knocked back the help from TWO other staff … because I know that the guy I regularly discuss and deal with, Doug, knows his product. Doug is one of those unusual retail-workers: He knows his stuff, he cares, he offers FREE advice and ensures you walk out wanting to come back. I have had advice and support from all the staff, including Peter who is a member of the Adelaide Camera Club, yet I welcome Doug’s opinion every time! (Sorry Peter!)

One of the issues was quite silly, yet Doug was good enough to point out my error, then give advice as to what else I could/should do. Still laughing at myself over that issue! I’ll cover that another time.

For Sale: "Last of the Grain"

The second and more important issue: I want 40 x 16″x20″ frames. These are stage 2 of my BIG plan: A mini-exhibition at some stage either late 2009 or early 2010, a group-exhibition next year, AND for SALA next year.

When I was at PW’s a few weeks ago, I asked if they sold frames and at what price. Doug replied, “Follow me…”

Imagine my surprise to discover PW’s have a little room out the back where they sell frames at amazing wholesale prices. Yes, the more you buy, the better the price. After a quick discussion about my requirements, my dream, followed by a talk about their wholesalers business, I struck up a bargain whereby they would gain almost $1,000 out of me over the next few months in return for these high quality frames! Thanks Doug and Jane!

Rundle Street, Adelaide

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I have determined over many years that buying goods from anywhere is a two-way conversation. Early next week, you’ll be able to read my article outlining how you can achieve the same level of customer service that I always give which gets me discounts nearly every time. To be published at

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