I don’t often get many opportunities to photograph humans, either in portrait or activity. The best places seem to be anyone congregating in a public place, at a party of wine-drinkers, and at a family event. Not much, but at least some of them are both willing and smiling!

So when I can photograph human faces, I relish and enjoy the time. I enjoy being able to capture natural features, emotive faces, plus natural laughter at its best!

Here are those I present within my Redbubble gallery. Visit each image where you’ll find more information about the model and where I was when I shot the photograph.

All Attitude Doll Face Carmody, Adrian Lauren

Say What? Identity My Mate Mick

Seana Smoking Waiter Bill ONeil

Ooops! Chenai, Melbourne, March 2008 Sonia, Melbourne, March 2008

Eugenia, Melbourne, March 2008 Praveen, Melbourne, March 2008 Louise, Melbourne, March 2008

I’m currently working on an idea to get and shoot new models. I’ll divulge more about that as the details all get finalised.

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