Portraits at the Adelaide Zoo

Last Sunday I visited the Adelaide Zoo with a group of Redbubble photographers. I’ve written article about the fun and frivolity, plus uploaded a dozen photographs of the zoo animals we shot during our seven hour trek around the Zoo.

But the day was not all about animals. I took the opportunity to photograph humans, most particularly the photographers. Not all were willing models, but most were willing to let me take my standard photographs of their activities. I had to bide my time on a few of them, but mostly everyone took no notice of me.

This first photograph was at the Lemur enclosure. We must have spent close to 30minutes trying to get a Lemur in mid-flight. As you can see in the background, the Lemur were quite active!

Model Photographers

Here I have taken the opportunity to capture some human features. Somehow I don’t think Bill O’Neil was aware of this shot of his right ear!

Bill O'Neil

Toward the end of the day we visited the Hippopotamus pool which was quite wide. When Bill took off to the other side to capture the Hippo under different light, I found another opportunity to get a shot with a decent background! Thanks Bill!

Bill O'Neil

Marion proved herself quite a great model for my portrait work. Either willing or unknowingly, she somehow managed to pose each time I aimed my camera in her direction. Good for me, good for her!


What appealed to me most throughout the day was the staggering size of the lens’s being used. Both Bill and Marion had the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM, a lens that allows the user to get both reasonably close to the subject OR be far away and still manage to capture a subject far away in great detail. I dream of having one of these lens, but the money necessary to purchase such a lens matches the money necessary to fix the gardens around our home!

Bill O'Neil

Check out What My Lens Did!

AndyGii had an interesting camera, I believe he said it was a PENTAX.

Lens Held High

Here are AndyGii and Marion shooting monkeys in the moat-surrounded enclosure. You can’t have too many lens!

You Can't Have Too Many Lens

During our walk through the dilapidated Children’s zoo, Bill fed his daughter’s apple (Megan. That’s the daughters name, not the apple!) to the goat. Was quite entertaining for all. Except Megan. When she said she wanted her Apple back, Dad did try. We decided to let the goat keep the saliva coated food.

Bill O'Neil

As a salute to all those who met and interacted, this family salutes you! It was a fun day and would do it all again! Wait, I am. The wife and I are taking our two nieces this Friday. So expect to see yet more photographs of people, animals, textures and abstracts within my galleries next week!

Family Salute

My next article will show you my favourite photographs from this Redbubble Meetup at the Adelaide Zoo.

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