Adelaide Hills Photography

I went for a walk this morning to pick up some paperwork from the Doctor, but to make the walk much more interesting I took my camera. So my walk was quite long and followed roads I’d never been before despite living in this part of Adelaide for the last 10 years!

Somehow along the way I discovered this bridge under a busy road. I had to walk a long way down a track beside a creek to find a location to get onto the creek-bed, then walked back to the bridge. Along the way and at the bridge I found and shot a lot of good images, but this is the one I wanted to show.

The first shot shows the original image I managed to capture. Being quite an overcast day with lots of overhanging trees and nothing more than the built-in-flash, this was the best I could achieve. I’d love to return with my 580exII flash-gun and my tall MANFROTTO tripod!

Heritage Bridge - Original

This shot shows what I managed to achieve with multi-layering in GIMP. I’ve mastered most of the features of GIMP to manipulate images when and where necessary, but much prefer to have adequate lighting and stability.

Heritage Bridge

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  1. Yeah! The Gimping you did definitely transformed the photograph into an art piece. It’s given the bridge great character. Completely transforms the whole feel of the place. :-) Great work!


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