Strobing with a Flash-Gun

I found this interesting tutorial on Setting & Using the 580EX II Multi Strobe Function. I have adjusted the instructions slightly, modifying sentence structure and highlighting important words.

Read on below photograph for instructions showing how flash-strobing is possible with the Canon 580EX II. I look forward to trialling this shortly.

Skate Board Strobe

Setting up Camera

To do this you must run in full Manual (M) mode. This sample picture was 1/2 Second and F5.6. You will need to experiment with the F Stop. When using the Multi flash mode, you must have the shutter open for the duration of the series of flashes. You need your environment VERY dark, and a dark a background as possible.. This shot was quite marginal in that respect. Camera must be on a TriPod to keep it still for the long shutter time.

Setting up Flash-Gun

  • Turn on Canon 580EX II Flash-gun.
  • Press Mode twice until the screen says Multi.
  • Press Zoom on the flash, and adjust the Flash zoom to best match your lens. Use the wheel to adjust.
  • Press the button in the middle of the wheel. You will see the Power / Number / Frequency start to flash. Start with setting it to like 8HZ to get 8 flashes per second. This is adjusted with the wheel.
  • Press the button in the wheel a second time, and adjust the number of flashes you want to occur. With 1/2 Second you have time for 4 flashes. Use the wheel to again adjust this.
  • Press the button in the wheel a third time. Adjust the wheel to again set the power. The higher the power, the less flashes you may have in a row. Start with 1/32 to 1/8 power.
  • After that it is trial and error to get what you want. It is a fun effect to work to produce.

I’ve not yet tested this procedure, but will very shortly. I can see potential ideas and locations where this could at least be fun, if not interesting. If you give it ago, feel free to comment here with a link to your results!
Photograph by chart11610


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