He Jumps, He Shoots, He Scores!

I’ve been tagged to complete five main projects before the end of January 2009. Almost scares me to think that I would complete a project or two within the next few weeks, but I feel sure it is possible.

1. Create new logo for a new web friend. A little project that was given to me in Mid-December-08 that’s been a great way to learn some amazing scripts within GIMP.

2. Finalise new website design for GSC. This project is cryptically written because it’s a message to myself to “GET ON WITH IT!”

3. Do the Learners-Permit test again. Soon to write an article on why I never got a DL when I was sixteen. Some of my old high school friends may laugh, so this is to explain the self-induced phobia.

4. Apply and get a NEW day-job that relates to the skills I have developed over the last few years.

I’m looking for an employer who needs someone who…

  • … can learn and use any Windows-based program quickly and effectively,
  • … knows a thing or two about how the interwebbything works,
  • … is an an avid and capable photographer,
  • … has taught himself basic graphic design via the use of GIMP,
  • … knows the importance of having good towel [*],
  • … taught himself HTML & CSS and now builds sites for pleasure,
  • … enjoys working with people who appreciate and value (by way of both money and praise) initiative, innovation and free-thought, AND
  • … is considered a Guru in the use of OBJECTIVE, yet readily admits there is much more to learn and use within this amazingly, simple-to-learn program.

Your offer needs to be full-time employment or something that pleases the bank. Hey, they need their share of my paycheck to ensure I retain ownership of the house and contents! My curriculum vitae (translation: résumé) can be made available if necessary.

5a. Change host so I can add a journal/blog to my web site. Plus purchase a few more domains for other projects I have on wraps. More about that later as details finalised.

But wait, that’s not at all. Whilst the original request was for only five, I found a few more projects of massive importance to me.

6. Get business-cards printed ASAP! I’ve been saying this for about 18 months … but it’s suddenly become most important. On two occasions over the last few days of 2009 it would have been most advantageous to have had one available! Aaargh, very VERY shortly they will be available!

7. Join the Australian Photography Society. They include their application forms in the back of their monthly magazine and every month I ponder the possibility. But I’ll be honest … I don’t understand why I need to tick these options:
DIVISIONS: PRINT [] ; Projected Images - Incorporating Slides and Digital Images ; [] Nature [] ; Audio Visual [] ; Electronic Digital Imaging [] ; Contemporary [] ; Youth []
If anyone understand these, please explain them to me, I am listening.

The good thing about listing seven different items is that I theoretically only need to complete five of them. But I intend to do my darnedest to complete each and every one of these goals.

3 thoughts on “He Jumps, He Shoots, He Scores!

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  1. I have been already quite impressed with your skills. If I had a position to offer, you would be hired. I am envious that you have taught yourself HTML and CSS. I maintain our church website and wish that I knew more about CSS; then, I could create a wonderous background for the site.


  2. Hello Molly, thanks so much!
    Putting a background into a blogspot account is relatively easy. I learnt most of the basics of HTML when I had a blogspot account quite a few years ago.
    Do you ever look at the HTML of your blog?
    You’ll find this in the CSS:
    body {
    font-size: small;
    Modify the background option to say:
    url(“http://www.yoursite.com/img/background.jpg”) 0 0 repeat fixed;

    Makes sure http://www.yoursite.com/img/background.jpg is changed to the location of the image you wish to use. For the purpose your site, it needs link back to the exact location, either from an external site or from the images you’ve uploaded to your blogger account.


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