Net Let the Brain Go Idle

An email I received a few days back was George Carlin’s View on Age. This is a very amusing look at the state of mind of humans as they age throughout their lives and how they value and view the age of their bodies. My favourite extract is…

3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

I replied to the sender with that extract and that I live by that mantra. They replied with information regarding their previous state of unemployment due to child-birth and the subsequent value-deficient conversations that ensued. Turns out children between the age of naught and three cannot discuss world-peace, thermonuclear disarmament nor amnesty-issues without turning the conversation from apnoea to nappy-changing. Darn rugruts are nuttin’ but poop-makers. Would their be any validity in believing the more poop they produce, the more likely they turn into politicians?

Thus, the sender’s mind is still a pile of sponge puddin’ (~their words, not mine!). My response suggested that a month or so back in the work-environment of any office would either turn the human mind to either pineapple gelatin or a solid-gravy, to which they asked the state of my mind.

Interestingly, it took less than a minute with my response to the current volatility of my brain and mind:

Mine would be the consistency of the core of a thermonuclear reactor on the edge of an imminent explosion. Problem is knowing if that is a good or bad thing…

Before the end of day I reassessed this statement to the following:

My state of mind is in a permanent state of flux. That is to say that my perception, conceptions, conversation and perspiration can, and does, change from one moment to the next. I might spend twenty minutes uploading a photograph to my redbubble account, followed by a quick break where I’ll fix something in the garden, either the placement of a potted lemon tree. Or I’ll revisit a website subscribed to two years ago, adjusting my entire profile to reflect recent activity, followed by a read of PDF outlining how to enhance portrait photography.
Subsequently, I have a myriad of matters meandering through my mind, each one bouncing off each other, some blending to form interesting concepts and inventive abstracts. That which many may never eventuate. Life’s roller-coaster is never boring when you have clones sitting in every carriage.

What is the state of you mind, and why?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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