Defining Ones Self

One statement and sentence from each of the comments I’ve left on Flying Solo this morning:


I’m not letting myself off the hook so easily.

"The future is important, the past serves as an example and experience. Rather than dwelling on what has hasn’t happened, I am focusing on what did, will and is planned."

I’m not letting my skills disappear forever.

"The biggest advantage of documenting your procedures is for performance-appraisal days. Your supervisor/employer may not be fully aware of the specific and menial duties within your job."

I will give more of myself to others without profit nor return.

"No society survives without skilled people. By freely contributing, we teach our offspring important values for their own future."

I’m dressed for success.

"If you change your dress-code for each client, work environment or situation, you’re creating multiple personality’s. One of you is enough."

I find I write my best work when I’ve nothing to interrupt me, my mind is open and I type exactly what I am thinking. What makes you write?

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