11 x Awesome DJ/Radio Headphones

I’ve been a radio presenter at 5KIxFM Community Radio Kangaroo Island since February 2017 and I’ve done about 50 sessions (once a week).

Until now I have relied on the headphones they have available. Almost every time I choose a pair that buzzes or whooshes in my ear. So I have been searching for decent DJ headphones.

Tonight I have spent some effort to locate the best of the best, without considering the expense. I’ll worry about that later. Here is what I have located:

Option 1: Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2
They look fun yet appear very functional. I like them because they sit around the ear, not on it.
Plus it folds up neatly into a zippered clam for easy transport.

Option 2: Sennheiser HD25+
Sennheiser say the HD25+ is lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods. These look like an old comfy leather lounge designed to encase the ears, taking you to the land of music and doof-doof without you bothering anyone nor them bothering you. It has a younger brother who has all the same qualities, but not the spiral cable.

Option 3: Shure SRH550DJ
These look mind-blowingly awesome in their design, comfort and performance. Whilst it only has a straight cable, it still has all the features needed – all in a handy carrying bag.
Option 4 & 5: ~ Also pretty amazing is its big brother ($149) or big big brother ($499) .

Option 6: Zinken UrbanEars DJ Headphones
A multitude of colours is great, but more importantly they look comfortable. UrbanEars have a number of similar headphones that have me interested. I’d like to try them on to see if they really go over the ear.

Option 7: Aiaiai TMA-2 DJ Preset
When I went hunting for headphones I figured they’d all look pretty much the same. And they do. But their websites certainly do not.
Headphonic recommend this headphone, so I will include in this list. The description is generic, and they look good.

Option 8: HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset
Ok, first: The URL above links to Amazon. I found them via @Shonduras on his Daddy Daughter Date Night vlog with a link in his description. They look good and comfortable, yet I like them for one simple thing: The microphone is a detachable plug. Nice. So they can be using for gaming and radio-time.

Option 9: Pioneer HDJ-1500
These are actually professional headphones, with all the best features needed. I like their simplicity, the 90degree swivelling airpiece and something they call a ‘Sound-Isolation Chamber Isolating Low & Mid Frequencies’. BLINGO! Kidding, I am sure it means something. Sounds like it will trap the sound like a fart in an elevator. I am talking about the sound not the smell!

Option 10: V-MODA CrossFade LP2
Option 11: V-MODA CrossFade M100
Fargnl. Awesome. Amazing. I Want. These look like the sheild of an anglo-saxon warrior was used to make each piece. These are seriously amazing – and may just be the headphones of choice. Even just as a collectors item. What I really like about them is the ‘ergonomic steelflex headband’. I’ve not seen anything like that ever.

So, there you have it, a fairly comprehensive list of headphones to use for DJ/radio-presenting work. I am not being paid to recommend any of them. This list is based purely on appearances and descriptions at all the websites. All were found via comments in this article

NOW: I welcome your suggestions or approval on any of these by way of comment below OR upon Twitter OR even upon Facebook.

Important: None of these prices include P&H. Since some of them are US-based – expect massive costs that will literally double the price!!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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