How Far Can the Tamron 18-400 Shoot?

Remember I produced a video showing the full range of my Tamron 18-400mm? Recently I found a new way to provide a photographic representation of the amazing focal-length that can be achieved.

  • I shot each of these photos off the rear of the  ferry traveling from Cape Jervis across to Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island:

Tamron from 18mm to 400mm

Now consider this:

Between shooting each photo, the ferry  probably traveled yet another 50-75 metres (estimated). So the distance between all four shots includes an additional 200metres. That’s amazing!

We have visited Kangaroo Island about forty times since 1998, and have shot many photographs with a Canon 400D, Canon 50D and now . Since moving over I shoot photography predominately with a Canon 7D. With the Tamron 18-400mm attached, my photography has improved immensely. Originally the lens was for sports and tennis photography. Now it is my preferred lens for everything I photograph.

So you can understand now why the Tamron 18-400mm is my ‘Go-To’ lens. It surpasses all my other lenses combined. Woooh!

What’s your go-to lens? Which one suits your camera for portrait, landscape, detail and even videography?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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