My SALA-2016 Photography is STILL on Exhibition!

Do you remember when I exhibited my photography at SALA 2016? Thanks to good friends, at the 11th hour I was asked if I would like to hang artwork that year.

With the little savings I had available, I had a few images printed and framed – and on walls at  the Catalyst Foundation Adelaide office in their From Another Perspective Art Exhibition. All are available to peruse both in their reception and in their rear seminar room.

1 August until 2 September – Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm
UPDATE early 2017: My photography will remain on exhibition an additional 4 weeks, or until we can collect the frames.
UPDATE early 2018: My photography is still on display as we have relocated to Kangaroo Island have no way to collect them at this time. Early this year they will

$195 each = A2 (40x50cm) print and frame. Additionally they are available upon my Redbubble gallery, on multiple mediums. The easiest way to hang them all is on a Calendar. Here is each image framed, similar to how they appear on display:

Seminar Room (left to right)

Reception and Elsewhere

I really hope to collect them early this year so I can display them on Kangaroo Island with either the same photographs or newer ones. Watch this space!

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