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Ten years ago I began building my digital photography gear.

With a Canon 400 Rebel, I photographed most of Kangaroo Island effortlessly. But I had to have more more more. 

Within a few years I had attached a massive battery grip, acquired ELEVEN different lenses, and then my wife wanted the same camera. 

Suddenly new lenses were needed to capture the movement of bee wings (not kidding). So three amazing lenses were acquired.

But our budget changed: Children. We now have TWO beautiful blue-eyed boys who consume nearly every dollar. Yet each have been photographed 20x more than anything else!

So it is with some laughter that I show the current camera gear I take with me almost everywhere:

Body: Canon EOS m1 

Lenses: Canon 22mm STM f2 / Canon 40mm f2.8 / Canon 70-200mm f4

Mini flexi-leg tripod. About 10cm tall!

Memory (SD-Card): 1 x 8GB , 1 x 16GB 

Lens cleaner

How life changes! 

Yet this rig is perfect because of how little space it takes, plus how quick and easy it is to change lenses. 

With a decent monopod at-the-ready, I can capture a wide variety of images throughout the day – including vlog footage.

We’ve gone from too much and heavy gear to small and sophisticated without loosing the quality of image – without impacting on family time.

Jai can now say “High five Daddy!” And I can without worrying if I drop a camera. ;)

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