Because I Needed One Post in 2013 About Christmas

I have been blogging with WordPress since 2006. That’s 7 years now! Whilst some might wait until the tenth year to do what is about to follow, I don’t follow standards nor rules, I generally blog about the last thing on my mind … which might explain why 2013 has so far seen less than 40 posts.

Impersonators of Santa Claus

Sooo … I figured you need to reread (or in some cases read for the first time) all the blog posts I have posted on or about Christmas over the last seven years. Those with an asterix (*) are actually self-serving gift requests. Hey, since [SPOILER ALERT] Santa doesn’t actually exist, I gotta yell into the binary void hoping anyone, someone, buy me presents.


Ten Things NOT to say at the Xmas Lunch – 14th Dec 2006
Receiving Christmas Gifts Gratiously – 25th Dec 2006
Post Christmas Projects – 1st Jan 2007


Another Year, Another Christmas, Another Reminder of Age – 22 Dec 2007
Christmas Day in Adelaide – 25 Dec 2007
Using Christmas Leftovers in your Photography – 29 Dec 2007


Christmas Gifts, I Don’t Want – 8 Nov 2008
Almost Xmas 2008 – 24 Nov 2008
One Day Before Christmas – 26 Dec 2008


All I Want for Christmas – 26 Nov 2009
Where to Find the Best Christmas Flowers – 28 Nov 2009
The Twelve Days of Techno-Xmas – 9 Dec 2009


Children at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant – 15 Nov 2010
Animals at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant – 16 Nov 2010
Portraits at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant – 17 Nov 2010
Shooting Portraits of Colourful Christmas Clowns – 18 Nov 2010


Xmas Gifts for the Canon-Geek Photographer – 6 Dec 2011
Geek Stuff I Wish I Got for Xmas 2011 – 27 Dec 2011


Toys my Son Wants for Christmas! – 9 Dec 2012
A Big Bang Christmas – 23 Dec 2012


Our family doesn’t do presents for adults now. And for some silly reason I am classified an adult  at NEARLY 45 years old! BE A CHILD FOREVER! Sigh. My beautiful blue-eyed 18mo son got EVERY PRESENT! So now you have read my one post about Xmas-2013 inside my one post about Xmas-2013 about Xmas-2013. The Doctor would be proud.

Not bad, a quick and dirty list of cool things I have written about. Let’s hope my blog posts get better and more interesting in 2014!

POSTSCRIPT: I don’t really need any gifts. I’d just like them. If I got nothing at all, I’d still be happy. Just so long as I have food, water, somewhere to sleep well and internet access, I am happy.

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