Be Prepared to make Mistakes!

Found this TED video, heard this quote within it, and had to tell everyone about it. Particularly you.

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.”
Sir Ken Robinson

But don’t just stop there. Listen to the whole video. It is hilarious … and quite enlightening.

~ For those with a creative bent, like myself, you might find yourself.

~ For those that employ creative people, let it wash over you, think it through, then realise that your organisation might need to rethink the reasoning for employing staff. Not everyone you employ needs to be corporate, and not everyone needs to be creative. Most people need to be a mix of both corporate and creative. A little more creativity in the corporate world will help to make the experience more fun, worth attending, and, particularly, help retain staff.

If the video doesn’t appear for you, you can see it here: Ken Robin Says Schools Kill Creativity

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