Supporting Services for my Son’s Surgery

By way of thanking all the services involved in the recovery of my son over the last five days, you’ll read what has transpired:

Massive appreciation for the following services over the last 5 days:


  • The Kingscote Hospital and nurses who were open, available and willing to help at 5AM last Thursday after Jai vomited all over himself several times the day before and throughout that night.
  • The Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic at Kingscote.
  • The CAFHS office at Kingscote for listening to Sarah’s gut-instinct that questioned the judgment of others.
  • The two lovely volunteer Ambulance drivers who drove Sarah and Jai from the Kingscote Hospital to the Airport, out onto the tarmac, loaded them safely onto the plane – then gave me a Trauma-Bear (to give to Jai), and drove me back to the hospital!
  • The Royal Flying Doctors who flew Sarah and Jai from Kangaroo Island back to Adelaide last Thursday night at 8PM.
    I had the opportunity to speak to the pilot, so I said: “OK, Adelaide is that way, don’t stop for hitchhikers and stay away from the water!”
  • The Women’s and Children’s Hospital with their amazing nurses, doctors, ultrasound-specialists, anesthetists and surgeons. Their combined efforts determined that Jai had Pyloric stenosis, therefore required Pyloromyotomy Surgery  

PLUS MORE APPRECIATION to the visiting services to the WCH:


  • The MFS who visited to give stuffed-toys, MFS plastic firemen hats, & chocolate to all the kids in the ward! They were also supporting the ‘Shake the Boot’ campaign,
  • and those happy, crazy, multi-coloured and funny doctors who gave smiling-cardboard-faces to all the kids.

I must also say: “HOPE YOU ALL GET BETTER SOON!” to 2yo Heidi & 14yo Saskia & 9yo Summer in our Bay in Newland House. Each of those little kids was so strong, brave, happy and inspirational to each other.

The Adelaide Children's Hospital (built 1878),...
The Adelaide Children’s Hospital (built 1878), original wing of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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