Babies, Humor & Photography

Earlier today I cringed through the first 3 episodes of Photo Finish.

The show had some interesting points, but I was openly dismayed with how little pre-information was given to each participant prior to each photo-shoot.

Baby Shot To make up for that horrific experience, I then watched the very funny yet inspirational (and, dare I say it, inflatable) Adam Hills . So funny I laughed till I cried.

Yes, it is possible to include both photography and humor in one blog entry. In between helping feed and change diapers (yes, I say diapers not nappies!) I had headphones on so I could watch videos on my computor.

Now my mother-in-law must think I look like an absolute idiot with headphones on laughing with tears in my eyes as Adam Hills tells poo-jokes. Aha, I’m watching poo-jokes whilst my 21-day-old son fills his diaper with what I call ‘green Vegemite’. Nasty, yet apparently a great way of telling if my wife ate all her greens with her dinner last night.

Yet my wife and I discovered how much alike we are whilst watching the photograph a wedding episode. We had a few moments sitting gobsmacked as a woman walked in the Tasmanian snow with a Canon 50D in one hand whilst the other hand held the tripod under her other arm. This moment proved that yelling and pointing and poking the monitor/TV is often warranted, even if nobody else can hear you. Sure, you look a tad weird – but not half as weird as photographs of the ground because someone failed to lift their camera high enough to see the horizon.

Sorry, that was my inner-Adam-Hills having something to rant about. Always a good feeling.

That’s enough for now. I have to go change a diaper.

Which reminds me, I must say this for my facebook friends who think I have ‘gone-American’ on them. A diaper is a nappy is a diaper is a… well, you get the picture. So to speak. Because nobody, seriously, nobody wants to look into a full diaper or a full nappy. That is not a pretty picture. Good lord, who would photograph that? No thanks!

“Thanks all for coming to my blog, see you all next time!”

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