Getting more Photo Opportunities!

Fountain in Rundle Mall Amused with myself and life. I said a few days back that I would have a photographic-hiatus for the next 12-18 months, all while our first child grows up. Yet it appears that cannot happen, or may not start for a while.

Read on to discover how busy my photo-calendar is right now:

1. Last night I had such a great time shooting people at the Hotel Richmond that I’m keen to do more event and people photography.

Having the opportunity to compose and shoot photographs of people (mostly) willing to stand still for a few moments is a lot of fun.

Being able to chat, laugh, and get people whom I’ve never met before to smile perfectly for a seemingly candid photograph seems to be quite easy for me – and I never knew I had that in me!

Yeah, some days I am extroverted, some days I am shy. But with my camera in my hand, I am in my element.

Exposed Bricks

2. A month ago I was asked if a few of my photos on Flickr could be used in a book for the ‘South East City Stories Project’. I agreed.

The book is being launched next weekend at the ‘Box Factory Community Centre’. To which I have been invited to attend. Yes, same place and time as the Cupcake Camp Adelaide ! Going to be a good night.

3. I have been asked to shoot a wedding for some new friends whom I only met a few months ago – in Aug/September 2014. (Date at last correspondance with client, so it may come forward.) I’m looking forward to it, they are nice people so it will be fun to organise and shoot lots of different styles of

So much for having a photo-hiatus. But I don’t mind. Being able to hold a camera in public is not only fun, it is good for the soul. Or at least it is for me.

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