Photographs at the Adelaide Clipsal500 2012

Have you seen my photographs from day 1 and 3 of the 2012 Adelaide Clipsal500? I didn’t shoot as many as I have done in previous years.

I feel they didn’t have enough for the average punter who wanted to eat and go on show-rides, or check out the various car-brand marquees. There was about 3 big show-rides and throughout the entire open area I traversed three foot-bridges (that I recall) that led me between the many coffee, meat and cold drink stalls.

Whilst those that bought grandstand and corporate tickets might have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the thousands of spectators I saw standing at 3metre high fences were lucky to catch glimpses of car-races. There was more spoken-noise coming from the few mega-speakers strapped to the fence than there was car-noise coming from the track. I recall standing in the shade of ugly seating listening to commentators, for over 30minutes, discuss the activity in their compere-box rather than the action on the track. I eventually walked away asking myself what I had paid for!

I tried to stay for the evening concerts, but at the times I left the encaged parks both the weather and the atmosphere had gone stale. I was going to stay for the INXS concert on Saturday night, but at the first hint of rain I decided to get my camera-equipment out of danger. Pity, because I heard the rain stopped.

Yet I didn’t leave empty handed. Check out a few of the many photographs I shot throughout the day. Where I couldn’t find sufficient breaks in the mesh-fencing, I manually focused on the tarmac beyond and swept my camera as the cars flew by. Thankfully, said with tongue in cheek, I captured the cars a few times. Hope you enjoy, check them out below:

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_009

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_008

Empty Show Ride

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_028

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_003

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_010

ADL Clipsal500 IMG_019

Doing the Superman!

Again, check out my full collection of Clipsal photographs within my Flickr Gallery. You can also view a few that I liked so much that I have added them to my Redbubble photo collection.

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