Time Travel with Photography

SoundRoom in Old Parliament House I’ve determined what I like about photography, and why I continue to shoot whatever I find:

Photography enables time-travel.

Whilst watching the final moments of The Time Traveler’s Wife (on TV last night) made realise this as fact. As the young Alba picks up Henry’s shoes, I said aloudAt least they have his shoes.”

An instant later, I realised that only photographs enable us to remember moments in all their glory, sending our mind back to that moment, relive it intensely … then travel back to the present. And usually that thought happens in milliseconds, whilst the moment seemingly passes like an eternity.

Without photography, history is long forgotten. Yes, the written word helps. Yet the first caveman had the smarts to draw what he saw onto the rocks around him, preserving them for all eternity. Without that first thought to spray wet ochre onto the ceiling of his cave, he would have had no visual moment to remember the bison first killed.

Time travel exists, if only in our minds.
Being able to visualise moments long gone is what seperates us in the universe.

Young Australian To be less philosophical, I am so looking forward to photographing every moment of my child’s life. As of June 1st 2012 ( thereabouts), the primary content of my photographs will be of my children. Who knew I would ever say that? I’m looking forward to travelling with photographic memories  all the millions of moments I share with my child(ren?) over the upcoming years!

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