Almost the Last of the Self-Portraits

There is a definite possibility that I am a little weird. Maybe even strange, nuts and crazy. But not so much that anyone would seriously notice. Unless they have seen the self-portraits I have photographed this month:

#41 Cool in Blue #45 Red Tie to Match #44 PacMan Pong

#49 Thumbs UP #48 Not Guitar String #46 Clothing Combo'

# 47 Trouble in the Garden #45 Drawing up a new Design #43 I'm Crazier than Almost Everybody Here

#39 Dial or Button? #42 Tied Ham #40 On the Dog and Bone

#44 Cable Tied

I am not sorry to say that there WILL be a few more, but enough to last another week. I’m moving onto a different topic next month: Macro. Specifically with water and other liquids. Let’s watch what the future may bring…

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