Week of Comments

Here is my latest post-idea, which I really should have started doing MANY years ago. Below are comments I have left on sites around the inter-web. Those sites are linked within the comment below so you are able to go read the article to which it refers.

1. First time visitor to your site – Jibber Jobber – (and I am not so sure how I found it!) and already I am flabbergasted – in a good way!
I remember being an introvert in my teenage years – and I remember the day I decided to be an extrovert. The funny part is that some days I am still an introvert – particularly when I realise I know NOBODY in a crowd of people. So I like this article that says that I CAN NETWORK online and offline effectively.
I’m going to check out that book, just so I can nod my head knowingly and/or find interesting tidbits to reinforce my thoughts!

This first comment got me thinking on how many articles I have responded to over the last ten years. So I figured I’d go hunting for more articles of interest…

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005
Image via Wikipedia

2. I only had to read the title to realise how true this is – Technology Is The New Smoking !
Whilst I am an ardent anti-smoker, I agree that the technology I use to access online-social-media as a ‘time-out’ enables me to sooth my mind, plus it is incredibly addictive.
Thankfully that technology is NOT going to leave holes in my lungs that stop my body from getting all the necessary oxygen necessary to keep my heart running efficiently.
That said, I now wear fairly strong lenses in my glasses to see the monitor. /doh!

Not many comments tonight. They’re surely will be many more over the coming weeks!

Thanks to Google+ and Google.Reader, I am reading again. I stopped reading so much about 4 years back – around the time that Facebook, Twiiter, Plurk and a few other SocMed sites became integral daily digestion. Now I am returning to subjects of substance, interest and that will invoke proper thoughts in my head. Rather than just “Oh oh, have anyone responded to my last FB Status?” Not that I am knocking that, but there is more to life than Facebook. Truly.

Ah yes, I see you notice it isn’t the end of the week yet. I’m showing you these now because I was hyped up to get this idea started before I even thought about not doing it. At the end of the week there should be a LOT more posts. I am aiming for around 10, maybe in 15. How many sites do you leave comments, or respond by writing your own article about a subject?

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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