The Power of Advertising on Social Media

As a graphic artist, I find advertising of my work upon social media is quite effective. Here is today’s example of how much a little self-promotion can work:

For the last few hours I have been updating my entire Redbubble Tshirt Collection.
This has included editing a few works, changing fonts, adding text-shadows, plus lowering the price on ALL of them by about $5.00. This means you will get more bling for your buck!

So I had finished editing this shirt and had advertised that fact upon my Facebook wall.
Normally no big deal, I get a few likes, a few LOL’s, and maybe a quick discussion. Which is fine by me – chatting is always fun! But this time I, no, the client got lucky – they bought this one I’d just finished editing:

Feel free to say HELLO. But I will stop listening after 140 characters

A friend upon Redbubble and Facebook had bought it PLUS these two shirts!

Mummy says Santa is Real. So he must be real … a Real Scrooge: This is not a Pony!

Here I am. So what are your two other wishes?

How cool is that? Yeah, very cool! UBERCOOL EVEN – just like these shirts!

I have over 10 shirts (from my own collection) which I wear so often that I often forget I have any others! I can testify that the images last longer than any other tshirt! Redubble shirts are amazingly cool in the summer and extra-warm in the winter.

PS: Name of friend not included to protect Santa’s elves from divulging the names on the Christmas presents!

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