Blue Photographs

Charles(@Rantz) reminded of the Big Huge Labs Mosiac Tool. So I had some fun…

Mosiac of Blue Photographs

Names of works, from top to bottom, from left to right:

1. Queen Victoria (?), 2. Twine DOF, 3. Boat Keel, 4. Candles, 5. Water, Fountain, Victoria Square 01,

6. Palm Tree at Japanese Gardens, 7. Skyward Bound, 8. Infinity, 9. Six Thirty PM, 10. Roadscape,

11. Pegs, 12. Water for Christmas, 13. Water Fountain at Xmas Tree, 14. Rudolph goes to Church, 15. Mobile-Carrier Tower,

16. Electrical Power Lines, 17. Electrickery, 18. Twilight Moon, 19. Peg Crib, 20. Beak Detail,

21. C-Food, 22. A World Away, 23. Eat my Wake!, 24. Orange on Blue, 25. White Wake

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