Remembering the 2004 Tsunami

File:2004 Indonesia Tsunami Complete.gif

Earth suffered a catastrophic natural disaster: A tsunami wiped out many popular tourist destination throughout the Asian continents & islands. Emotionally it reached every point of the globe. Almost every country has suffered human loss, plus considerable financial loss! Does anyone remember? This happened way back in 2004!

I was reminded of this act-of-nature after stumbling upon Rose Charities NY – A project initially focused on meeting the needs of the children injured and traumatized by the 2004 tsunami and the civil war.

I remember the first TEN pages of the Adelaide Advertiser on the day after had nothing but imagery and stories of loss & devastation, plus stories of the Australians who have shortened holidays & honeymoons to assist in any way possible. From doctors to carpenters, from nurses to relief aid workers, the list goes on of Australians showing their natural ability to help without being asked, all without financial return.

But what happened after the tsunami rolled back out to sea?

Grave at Australian War Memorial Museum

It is amazing how fast the ‘world help organizations’ jumped into gear. Within hours, international banks had set up special accounts for the average Joe Citizen to donate funds to help pay for the disaster crews.

  • Food & water was quickly shipped off and flown to the worst hit areas.
  • Skilled workers finished Christmas holidays earlier than planned so they could assist in any way possible.

The countries & islands [including India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Burma, & Malaysia] slowly rebuilt their lives and architecture swept away in the floodwater. But they also needed to rebuild the infrastructure – which is where the rest of the world helped.

These integral components helped recreate the import/export industry, returning the islands to a profitable society which can now support itself again. Without this, these once-popular tourist attractions would have become 3rd world wastelands dependent on the hand-outs & donations from more affluent countries.

We are ALL the Global Community!

Australian War Memorial Museum

One would hope that such catastrophe’s would unite human’s one species, putting aside political, religious, cultural & other insignificant differences. If only more humans would wake up and realise that for all the supposed gods on this M-Class planet, nothing is going to stop nature from taking its course. Don’t fight it, learn to survive around it.

It is regrettable that it takes this level of natural disaster for humans to realise how fortunate their ‘lucky country’ lifestyle is.

BTW: Currently around 6,830,586,985 humans are living on this big ball of mud – and yet we still fight for position. Go figure!

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