Inspired to Write (Again)

Thanks to Google+, I’ve returned to reading articles. For the last few years I have spent too much time staring at the screen waiting for responses. Now I am taking the time to read the work of those people I have called ‘mentors’ in areas of the online world that fascinate me most. This will undoubtedly take me to articles they enjoyed reading enough to make a comment.

So I am reading like there is no tomorrow! To find inspiration I am reading lots of articles upon my GoogleReader list – and discovering that many subscriptions are dead, so are slowly being cleaned out. (My subscriptions were rolled-across from my old bookmark directory a few years ago, and promptly forgotten about. Now that I have found them, I have caught the reading-bug again.) I don’t always leave comments on articles, I prefer to do a short articles upon my blog. This gives me more room to expand on my thoughts.

So here goes…

Wait, there was more data beneath here, what happened to it?

Well, I woke up this morning I remembered what Twitter, G+, and many other online social media outlets have taught me over the last few years: People don’t read passed the first 140-ish characters.

So I ripped each out each link of interest to convert into individual articles. You’ll now see them as individual posts over the next week. I’ve left one as a teaser and taster. Because it tastes so good!

My wife cooked last night. Soup. Tonnes of it. So much that we’ll be eating it at work for the next fortnight. Some men might be gobsmacked at the thought. But my wife is a grand cook, so I know already that I will love it!
Here it is in the fridge:


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