Surviving Option-Paralysis Syndrome

I’ve found a title for the syndrome I have been experiencing for the past 18 months – Option Paralysis. Whilst you might think it’s a sugar-coat for ‘indecisiveness‘, I’m not the first to mention this issue.

I first read about this syndrome in Stephen Fry’s twitter-feed:

Stephen Fry The bewildering variety of sartorial advice I’m receiving is in danger of giving me Option Paralysis. But v grateful for the thoughts.
9:02:25 am ET Jul 2nd from Twitter for iPhone

My problem has been choosing the optimal smart-phone for my (nerdish) needs. For over 2 years I was gungho on getting the Apple iPhone. After having the Apple Touch since 2007, it seems like the ultimate upgrade.

Early in 2011 +Richard Pascoe suggested waiting till the Apple iPhone Gen-5 came out on the market. Like the rest of us, he has no idea what extra features will be included, yet feels confident that AdobeFlash + additional USB points will make us Apple Addicts drool!

So I have waited – but not quietly.

Get the Commissioner on the Gotham Phone style=

Last week I was introduced to Google+ ( Courtesy of an invitation by +RichardPascoe – which survived the ON/OFF switch at Google headquarters!)

After one week  on Google+ , I am hooked! It is surprisingly easy to navigate, it’s easy on the eye, and gives instant access to past and present statuses for all users in my circles. I’m infatuated by the uber-clean UI. No more word-relevant adverts, no more seeing farmvile, no more NSFW colourschemes. Without the massive FACEBOOK logo in the corner, usage goes almost undetected.

Now that the UI is simplified, we can open Google+ anywhere without people knowing you are social networking!

So I asked my new & knowledged audience what they considered to a suitable smart-phone. This may have been not a smart idea when considering my current symptom, yet the answers proved both interesting and invaluable.

1900 001337

After googling the most mentioned phone, I found the Samsung Galaxy (S1 & S2) to be the most popular choices by many Google+ users, followed closely by the Apple iPhone. I also had it suggested that getting internet-access on an iPad was possible. Whilst I like the idea of a tablet, I already have a reasonable laptop, so that option can wait a litte longer.

After lots of reading, comparing of specifications, checking the ratio of either phone owned by networked and RL friends – I have determined which I prefer and will be getting:

I will have a SAMSUNG Galaxy S by this time next week
by mid morning this coming Monday! 

Now my wife is happy, I am happy, our finances are happy and … well, I am happy. So now you will read more articles by me reviewing the features, apps, and specifications of this new device in my life! To reverse-quote C3POI’ve got a very good feeling about this.

Postscript: I also plan to purchase a SAMSUNG Chromebook later in 2011. Similarly to how Apple users connect their iPad wifi to their iPhone’s Internet connection, I will be able to do the same between these 2 SAMSUNG devices.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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