Adelaide Zoo needs MORE Flamingos!

Wow, It has been about two years since I visited the Adelaide Zoo!

My favourite animal to photograph is the Flamingo. They are a beautiful bird with a prestigious aura about them.

Standing Solo, Framed Photograph, by Stephen Mitchell, on

Since it is highly improbable that the aged pair of flamingo’s we have remaining will ever breed, one can only hope the Zoo will choose to import more of them before the children of South Australia start asking why we have none.

Yes, importing flamingo’s from the High Andes, Africa, the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands would be far too expensive – so why don’t we get them from the New Zealand Zoo?!

I’m looking for serious answers to this question. I’d love to read an investigated report on the issue, this is a subject that I’d find interesting to read and pursue. So if you know more, feel free to leave a comment below about the subject.

Flamingo Pink, Framed Photograph, by Stephen Mitchell, on

PostScript. It’s time to renew my annual membership and make enquiries. Even if I hit a dead-end, there’s no harm in finding out how, why and where we can get a few extra flamingos. Plus, with only two shots in my gallery of this unique birds, I really need to return to the Adelaide Zoo with my telephoto lens.

3 thoughts on “Adelaide Zoo needs MORE Flamingos!

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  1. Stephen, I couldn’t agree more. The flamingoes are priceless. On another note, do you have a license to reproduce zoo property (the flamingo) as a commercial exercise (the sales of a card)?

    I’m pretty sure zoo property is not public property in the sense of the animals being freely available as photographic subjects for third-party commercial pursuits. OTOH, the zoo may not give a toss about the flamingoes, being too busy protecting rights to pandas. Or I may be entirely mistaken, in which case I’m spending the next week there with my much-loved 400mm.

    That said, I wonder… did you ask?


  2. Coaten, as they allow camera’s – in the form of dSLR’s, cellular phones, etc – to enter the zoo, how can they police artists who choose to sell their photography? Yet I see your point and will inquire when next I visit. I look forward to seeing your results.


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