What is your Site-Design process?

I ask because Smashing Magazine have got a Poll asking that same question. I voted accordingly, but felt that was only half the story. Here is my full web site design process: (Read below, whereas the link goes to the poll!)

Macro Perspective

My Site Design Process

1. Paper for Client discussions, HTML and CSS
Generally do a LOT of wire-framing on paper. Love my 2B pencils and .9-push-pencils. Sometimes takes forever, other times happens in moments. Particularly when clients give me carte-blanche. This usually pertains to the design, not the finance.

2. Notepad++ for HTML and CSS.
I like using Notepad++ to write code. Yes, so old school, yet simple to use. I taught myself everything with DW3 about ten years ago, then reverted to MS Notepad when it couldn’t handle layers. I’ve heard the latest version does all the bells and whistles. Meh. Since discovering and learning Notepad++, I cringe when I think back to the 100+ page site I created and maintained with MS Notepad.

Then I get the paint colour-chart out and play mix-n-match. The real fun part.

3. GIMP for Graphics.
I like to build mock-ups in GIMP , then break down to individual graphics one at a time, having fun plying with the textures, typography and all the tiny-pixels.

5. CS3 for photographs and special images.

6. Test in every browser: IE7/8, (I’ve stopped testing in IE6), Chrome, Firefox, Flock (still), Opera and Safari. Not always in alphabetical order ;)!.

Simple really. Which is surprising, because I don’t do any of this much any more. Photography is my game now , and I only code for close-to-home clients.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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