I’m what you would call an ‘ideas person mixed in with a mild level of eccentricity, a bucket of cynicism (a byproduct of being in the same dayjob for far too long), yet also have a gigalitre of optimism. Plus a lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas.

Electronic Wink I’m not an expert at any one thing, but I know a little about a lot. I know how to disentangle a piece of paper from the back of a borked photocopier or printer. I know how to ‘see’ things where others cannot. I can flip, turn and see the inside of something described to me only minutes earlier. I find and see answers when others are still asking questions.

I have a wild imagination that enables me to put two things together that might taste terrible, smell horrendous, look ugly … yet might produce a special kind of magic that could be profitable.
Like coffee-flavoured baked-beans – the breakfast that wakes you from the bottom up. (I had this idea this morning, and now its yours for free.)

Only one small problem. I admit it: Getting passed the first hurdle. Knowing where to go from here.

Oh, I have a tonne of good ideas! I have two inventions right now that I’d love to get passed the next step. One is half on paper, half in my head. The other is currently a working successful prototype in my office. I love the prototype. Forever looking for ways to duplicate it.

I have visions of making the product from my garage, I can already see me doing angel-wings in a bed full of green money, I … I have no idea how or where to go from here.

I’d like to think I can do all this without anyone’s help. But, sadly, I know this is not completely true. I believe in my ideas so much, so much that I am not telling anyone what they are. They’ll go with me to my grave if need be.

But what if someone else thinks of them in the meantime? I’ll kick myself with stupidity if that happens! I’ll headbutt the desk several hundred times if this great idea gets stolen right from under me!

So I’m looking for help. I don’t want a partner, I just want someone to point me in the right direction, to suggest, to guide, to be my mentor, to say YES or NO or SORRY.

I don’t want your money, unless there is no interest on the repayments … but like that’s going to happen!

Anyone, can anyone help me?

Does that sound like you?

Macro Perspective What could you say to this person? Can you help them? What help can you give them to take the next step in the journey, to get their ideas off the ground, to become something more than what they are now?

Whilst the world is our oyster, some of us are still trying to pry open the shell with our bare fingers.

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  1. I would suggest this, When you are looking for help offer help. this may bring you the help you need.

    Peace & creativity to you.

    Christopher St. John
    Founder, “Helden Galerei”
    “The rt of compassion.”


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