City of Blinding Lights (Part 1)

First let me explain the choice of title:

  1. Yes, it is U2 song. I started listening to it just as I was putting this article to paper. It is so apt, at least the title.
    Reason 2 explains how and why.
  2. Often the city lights blind us from seeing the right way. But sometimes they illuminate the path, this showing us the journey we should be taking.
    This article is one of those times.

U2 Books

I start the article here.

Most people spend their entire lives attempting to use ALL their earnings to:

  1. Pay out the capital on a mortgage;
  2. Retain and remove the credit card limit;
  3. Take annual cheap holidays;
  4. Taking responsibility for little humans, then planning for their teenage departure,
  5. Living beyond their means whilst earning poor to moderate incomes.

Some of these deserve merit, some need improvement upon, whilst one is just the beginning of a bigger plan.

My wife and I have spent the last ten years attempting each of these money-saving techniques, adding slight improvements each year. The problem is that the only extra income received is from pay-increases, company shares, and selling a few pieces of my art. Not much really.

So it came as an amazing shock when we recently discovered how our money could have been better worked so that it earned money each fortnight rather than being whittled away by taxes and unnecessary luxuries!

Rather than have me prattling about the amazing technique technique for generating more wealth, I’m going to point you towards four great books that I regularly read and refer to for financial assistance.

  1. More Wealth from Residential Property. ISBN 0958567255
  2. The Millionaire Mind by T.J. Stanley
  3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money – That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by R.T. Kiyosaki

Wait! Before you go running off to read them, let me explain how amazing the results will be if you employ these techniques to build your wealth portfolio.

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