When did you get your first Mobile Phone?

Get the Commissioner ... on the Gotham Phone

It’s amazing how short a time we have had mobile phones, and how much we now take them for granted!

In what year did you get your first mobile phone?

Mine was in 1992, and before that I remember being the shoulder for the pack for an Architect’s phone in the late 1980’s. That was before the Brick!

Now people (who were born the year I was finishing High School) are using their mobile phone to ‘text‘ each other whilst they work.

Doesn’t anyone use their phone to talk to each other any more? It may be cheaper, but I’d rather hear your voice, not decipher SMS-code nor deal with excessive emoticons.

2 thoughts on “When did you get your first Mobile Phone?

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  1. i got my first phone in 1997, it was an ericsson, my justification was “just in case i get into an emergency”, although i can’t say i’ve ever really been in a serious emergency haha, locspoc


  2. Loc, My reasoning for having a mobile was similar, though I now know I was deceiving myself – There was never an emergency. Other than losing my wife in a supermarket, haha! The upside is that I still have the $10-plan that I started on, and I’d prefer not to ever upgrade. Though I know it’s inevitable.


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