The Bakkabakkandi Grandstand

Adelaide residents (should) know the bakkabakkandi grandstand , situated on the eastern side of the old race-course upon Victoria Park, Adelaide CBD.

When you went to the Adelaide GrandPrix during the 1980’s and early 1990’s, you would have walked passed this building hundreds of times, but not realising the importance of significance of it to South Australian architecture.

I have photographed this architecture before, but on Friday evening (8th.Jan.2010) I had an unexpected opportunity to get up close to reshoot some new images. I’ve stitched some together to enable you to see the entire building.

Here are my final images of the grandstand, all available upon Redbubble.

Bakkabakkandi Peak

Bakkabakkandi Arch

Bakkabakkandi Grandstand Bakkabakkandi Grandstand II

Victoria Park Grandstand

Buying this art will give you a piece of South Australian to preserve in your home or office!

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